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2 years ago

By Making Smarter Food Choices, You Can Live A Healthier And Extended Life

You know your health is under threat from western living style so it's time to make a fundamental shift in the foods you choose to eat. Clearly it's your choice if you want to avoid illnesses and live a longer happier life.

Eating Clean

Why do we even eat at all? It's to nourish and sustain our body and to increase its fitness and resilience.

We need fundamental foods like carbohydrates, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins to furnish energy and generate tissue growth and repair. These metabolic functions and chemical continue until we die. It's what keeps our heart pumping, muscles flexing, digestion and organs working and powering us along.

Eating clean books

Our bones have to stay strong and able to support flexing muscles, nerves and tendons. Good quality food helps regulate blood pressure and maintains our normal body functions. Poor choices in food intake escalates our risk of being unhealthy and undermines key bodily functions that we rely on.

By eating healthy fresh foods we ensure that nutrients are delivered to our body without contaminants and thus we maintain normal and optimal capabilities and functioning.
In contrast, when we eat too many over processed and unhealthy foods we starve our body of nutrients to such a degree that risks undermining the needs of our body. It's not long before it starts to collapse with disease and sickness.

You can lower your chances of coming down with illnesses and serious health issues simply by following a routine of sensible food choices. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, skimmed milk and eating less saturated fat, caged and force fed animals have all been shown to improve your opportunity for a much longer and healthier life.

More natural and organic foods offer you greater variety of nutrients, free you from intaking additives and preservatives and more closely match the optimal nutritional balance that our bodies grew to manage with in historic times.

The clear objective is to strike a balanced moderation in intake and to combine that with smarter choices in the food we eat. That way leads us to ingest better nutrient powered foods, less unnatural processed ingredients only there to preserve our food for commercial reasons and not for health reasons.

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